About Us

At Nanomindz Technologies, We have highly experienced team to build Custom Software products and Web applications . We are on a mission to impact and transform everyday business challenges of client base globally with root level software applications.

Our Services

Our nice skills in particularly web applications and website development.

Fixed Price

  • Fixed price model is best for projects with well defined requirements and schedules.
  • We go with this model for website development or custom application development where we won the delivery and project.
  • In this model, we do not provide resource breakdown or timesheets to customer.

Time & Material

  • When project scope, specification and implementation plans cannot be precisely defined, the Time and Material model provides flexibility.
  • We submit timesheets on a pre-agreed time periods (typically weekly) and invoice at the end of every month.
  • Resource rate can be hourly or monthly depending on the type of engagement.

Staff Augmentation

  • This is the prefered model when our clients require specialists for an on-going project where the project is lead by our customer or their partner. We provide our resources on hourly / monthly rate and do not guide the project execution or delivery.
  • Resource rates are less compared to the Time & Material model above.
  • This is the popular model with packaged applications or Remote IT services.

*** We are flexible in modifying our engagement models to satisfy our customer needs. ***